What On Earth Is A Diatribe?

So you’ve stumbled across this blog…

You like what you see. Maybe you don’t like what you see. Maybe you wish there was more to it–perhaps some videos of cats playing various musical instruments, or footage of Donald Trump’s glorious hair blowing in the wind, or maybe some dank Obama-Biden memes, or God forbid, those awful Spongegar memes. But perhaps what you’re really wondering as you leave your digital footprints all over this site is what on earth is a “diatribe” and what are you supposed to do with one? Admittedly this is a word that is not commonly used in day to day rhetoric but it’s a word nonetheless. I happen to be of the persuasion that All Words Matter so “diatribe” has found its place in this unassuming internet blog where you are bombarded with the stories, trends, and experiences that shape the world and the human experience at large

Ah yes! You still don’t know what a diatribe is! Right on!                  rant-1                     

The word “diatribe” means a forceful commentary on someone or something. It’s a rant, if you please, a passionate verbal exposé reminiscent of the old time social activist on his soapbox calling for change, calling for awareness, or perhaps even calling for revolution. The only difference is that instead of a soapbox you’ll find me at my desk furiously putting my fingers to work instead of my tongue. However you’ll still find that call for change, that call for awareness, and yes even that call for revolution… but perhaps you’ll find something more.

  • Your daily diatribe may be a hilarious trending article or observation that has you in stitches or perhaps has you scratching your head wondering how you came to live in such a crazy world.
  • Perhaps your daily diatribe is an outrageous social injustice  that you may have never noticed before and now you suddenly find yourself quite passionate about.
  • Your daily diatribe could be a review of a film that you’ve been wanting to see but perhaps are wondering if it’s worth your time.
  • It’s possible that your daily diatribe could even be something you disagree with, but you’re a mature adult so you leave a comment, share your view and move on, right? Of course not! That’s completely uncharacteristic of the laws of the internet! Don’t worry. We’ll give you a pass.

The idea is that your daily diatribe may be just what you need. It may be a thought, an experience, a question, a review, an understatement, an overstatement, or maybe just a piece of humanity that just makes us–well–us. Whatever it may be, I hope that your life will be enriched, emboldened, and challenged by this blog; because with discussion comes thought and with thought comes change.change-architect-sign1



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