Hacksaw Ridge (No Spoilers)

If the Oscars were tomorrow… 

Hacksaw Ridge would win best picture, best cinematography, and best score and would be nominated for best special effects, best actor, best actress, and best sound mixing. Honestly the film is a masterpiece. Mel Gibson knocked it out of the park once again. I’m convinced that everything the man touches turns to gold unless it’s his wife in which case it turns to a lawsuit. But seriously Mel Gibson is one of the greatest directors of our age and deserves the utmost respect for taking up the mantle of this story of courage, conviction, and uncompromising character. It’s hard to analyze everything that makes a film such as this so stunning–so awe-inspiring–but the main contribution is the film’s unwavering marriage to the true events that inspired its conception. Undoubtedly months of research was poured into the pre-production process before any filming started with the intent in mind that the audience not become an observer, but rather a participant–a recruit on the front lines, if you please. Through the blood, dirt, gore, and hell-fire we see and experience the embodiment of courage, sacrifice, and unwavering moral tenacity epitomized in the character of Desmond Doss played by the incredibly talented Andrew Garfield who is beginning to cement himself as an icon of filmography. He will always be known for playing this role above all others. His supporting actress Teresa Palmer delivered the best female performance of the year and should definitely be considered for best actress in a supporting role. Seriously she’s that good.

All in all everything in the movie can simply be categorized as real. The setting, characters, war sequences, struggles, emotions–all so real. This isn’t psuedo-psychology manufactured in a film studio. This is the human spirit, the character of a man’s soul, the conviction of a man’s belief set in the backdrop of the world’s most devastating conflict–and it’s absolutely incredible.

Ok I need to wrap this up. Couple of warnings…in order to be true to the source material and the horrors of war this movie is incredibly graphic, perhaps the most graphic movie I’ve seen. If you’re squeamish at the sight of blood, guts, burns, wounds, or papercuts stay away. Or you could suffer through it. It might do you some good. Also be warned that this movie is a tear-jerker so if you’re looking for a fun time at the movies with little to no moral or emotional drive I think Bad Santa is in theater 6 on the left. Folks..watch Hacksaw Ridge. Be inspired by Hacksaw Ridge. And walk out of this movie…


Rating 10/10


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