Yesterday I was scrolling through social media when I noticed the most intriguing meme.  I don’t know who this individual is but she has some very strong things to say, particularly to me, a white middle class American who voted for Donald Trump…


I love how my “white privilege” is being flouted in front of my face like I should be ashamed of it or as if it automatically makes me a selfish unfeeling person. Man–you want to talk about racism? Go ahead and keep telling me that my skin color is a stamp of intolerance. Keep telling me that the blessings of God on my life is a direct result of my white flesh. Keep telling me that I do not have a sufficient grasp of the issues this country faces and that my desire for law and order is a direct offshoot of my “white privilege”.
You see, THIS–this is the kind of talking that leads to wars, rebellions, riots, and discrimination. NEWSFLASH:

The whites aren’t the problem.

Capitalism isn’t the problem.

Privilege isn’t the problem–

You. You’re the problem. Because despite your claims that you fight for the oppressed, despite the self proclaimed title of “social justice warrior” that you crown yourself with, despite your “progressive” thought pattern that you proudly push through the masses, YOU have reverted back to the EXACT mindset that time and time again has threatened the free world through Communism, Nazi-ism, and slavery–the mindset that says that there is a race that is unequal to every other race and therefore that race is evil.

I’m white, yes. I was born white. I had no say in it. I’m privileged, yes. That I did have a say in. Because since I was 16 years old I have worked hard at about six different jobs to make sure that I didn’t get into trouble, stayed in school, and built a good life for myself. I studied hard at college, got good grades, respected my fellow man–and guess what? I’m still working just as hard today.

So keep talking to me about “white privilege” while you goosestep through my news-feed, trouncing on the values I hold dear, because I see right through your plebeian piousness. Just another part of being “privileged” I guess.