Ignorant Political Commentaries Are Taking Over the Internet.

The other day I shared a post-gone-viral type meme that I saw the other day talking about white privilege. I won’t say anything more about it but here’s the link for the piece I wrote here: My White Privilege Is Showing?

Anyway it seems as though the internet, Facebook especially, is chock full of ignorant statements that for some odd reason are going completely viral, yet have no moral, intellectual, and even sensible logic behind them. It’s an epidemic, really–like smallpox, or the Black Plague, or emoji joggers. Here’s a particularly delightful statement I saw just the other day:


Now before you facepalm your brain completely out the back door of your skull let’s talk this through. Let’s just talk sensibly for a second here–suppose none of these positions that America “be like” are morally justifiable. How in the world would that make abortion morally justifiable? I mean–what is the point that you’re trying to make here, @LuneVanGogh? That killing an unborn child is more acceptable than owning firearms? That murdering a human being is more favorable than taking up arms against our enemies who would destroy us? That destroying a living child’s chances at a future and an existence is far better than executing people that have murdered other people? Are you really that morally bankrupt to say that it is injustice to tolerate the aforementioned stances and not be okay with the death of another human being? Imagine if we were to replace any one of the stances you mentioned with abortion in your post. For example:

“Americans be like: abortion is fine, and war is good, and death penalty is great but I deserve to have 10 guns.”

Is that your ideal country; where any one of the aforementioned stances be compromised as long as killing a child is acceptable? See this is how far we’ve come as a society–where our disagreements have spiraled us downward so far in the Great Toilet Flush of morality that we place our disagreements as top priority over the existence of another human being. And for those reading this who disagree that a baby inside a mother’s womb is a human being, I ask you how a living child can be called anything else. Hillary Clinton does not believe that a child has constitutional rights in the womb. Many believe like her. So when is a child magically given constitutional rights? You’re telling me that a birth canal is all that separates a child from his right to live? That’s your stance? How wretched!

Of course, I’m okay with having weapons to defend myself from those who wish to kill me so who am I to talk? I’m fine with our country fighting against other countries who desire to desecrate our freedoms and culture–how dare I? I think it’s perfectly acceptable that capital punishment should be applied to those that have killed other human beings–what on earth am I thinking? Of course…given your stance on killing other human beings in the womb I can see why that stance makes you sweat a little…

To sum things up, this something that everyone should take to heart: please think before you post things on the internet–because who knows? Your ignorance just might go viral.

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