Man Literally Says That Protesters Will Keep Us Stuck in Traffic Until We Learn Our Lesson

The longer I live on this earth the more I’m convinced that liberalism really is a mental disorder. In fact all I’ve posted on this website so far is re-posts of some of the most asinine things that people have ever said on the internet regarding the sociopolitical arena. Here’s the latest from a bloke who informs us that protesters are stopping traffic to show us what it feels like to be stuck in a “hopeless situation”.



God help us. Does this guy really think that people are protesting in the middle of the ACTUAL HIGHWAY because they’re thinking that deeply about why they’re protesting? Do you really think the average insurrectionist is thinking, “My blocking traffic is an object lesson to demonstrate how hopeless of a situation we are all in?” The answer is a resounding NO. The reason that they’re blocking traffic is because these people are IDIOTS.  More than half of the people who were arrested in Oregon for protesting (70% to be exact) were not even registered to vote. They don’t know why they are protesting and they don’t care. The truth is that probably 80-85% of these people have no clue what’s happening in our government and or foreign affairs. They no nothing about jobs, taxes, welfare, college, or national security. They see an opportunity to cause some havoc; to stir the pot in the name of a “just cause” as they leap at the chance to be apart of something significant in their small worlds where the most significant object of affection is themselves. It’s astounding to me how anyone could condone this savage behavior–behavior that knows no bounds.

For example let’s talk  about truly hopeless situation caused by these “peaceful protesters” on November 15th. Five days ago a paramedic (who’s name we’ll keep private) took to Facebook  to talk about how the father of a 4 year-old girl died during a transfer because protesters blocked his ambulance from passing through.


This is the insanity that we’re dealing with. Protesters are literally killing people to get their point across and this Jason Nelson guy says its justifiable because they are teaching us what it’s like to be in a hopeless situation. Well, Jason Nelson, we get it–it’s a hopeless situation; but the hopelessness is not found in the current political arena–no sir. The hopelessness starts with people like you who justify anarchy and murder in the name of fairness and equality.




  1. I couldn’t agree more. A sad result of rewarding kids who haven’t won. Let’s go back to the days of true competition. You train, you compete and then you win and get a trophy. Or you lose and go home with nothing. The democrats lost, it’s time for them to go home.


  2. How many of these protesters are earning a weekly $1000 or so (pocket change for their snickering unmentionable traitor billionaire ’employers’) to do so?


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