“Arrival” Review No Spoilers

Arrival” is a science fiction film that did not really make too many splashes as far as publicity goes. Many of you probably have heard the title but not much else. I would say that it is worth your time in the sense that it is unique as far as science fiction movies go. In short, “Arrival” deals with an alien visitation to earth. I want to highlight the term “visitation” because this is not one of the many alien invasion movies that have been churning out since the 1950’s (possibly earlier). Rather the film focuses in on the struggles of contact that Earth would have should an alien visitation occur because of an obvious language barrier. Enter Amy Adams who plays a celebrated linguist commissioned by the Defense Department to assist in making contact with these aliens who have landed their ships in twelve locations around the world. In her quest to learn more about the extraterrestrial anomalies that have arrived on our planet she makes many discoveries the greatest of these being within herself.

Visionary director Denis Villenueve (director of Sicario) tries his hand at the sci-fi genre and succeeds in creating a unique and thought provoking take on globalism, communication, time, and perspective all wrapped up in the mystery of the unknown.
Caution: This movie requires you to invest in it in order to have the best experience, both intellectually, and somewhat emotionally. Do not zone out during this movie otherwise you will miss something key. If you’re looking for an action flick with tons of explosions, laser beams, abductions, and burning cities this movie isn’t for you. However if you’re a fan of philosophy and the science fiction genre–not just the invasion thriller, you will appreciate the unique perspective that “Arrival” has to offer.

Rating 7.5/10

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