Woman from Brazil Has Been Faithfully Praying to an Elrond Figurine Every Day

I love Lord of the Rings. In fact it’s the only film franchise that I rank above Star Wars in terms of cinematic and fantastical greatness. I was at one point very obsessed. I’ve seen all the films a minimum of six times each, read the books about the same amount of times, played the numerous role playing games based on the franchise and even went as far to learn some Elvish. I know what you’re thinking and you can say it–I’m a huge nerd. As fanatical as I was about LOTR I can with honesty say that I never went so far as to worship the trilogy. Unfortunately a dear lady from South America can’t say the same!

Gabriela Brandão, a freelance makeup artist from Florianópolis, Brazil recently posted some pictures of a tiny figurine of St. Anthony that her grandmother had been religiously praying to every day for quite the long time. There’s only one problem though…the figurine looks suspiciously like Elrond, the elven king of Rivendell from The Lord of the Rings. In fact–it is indeed Elrond.


Everything matches up–from the cloak to the circlet around his head, and course we can’t ignore the pointy ears! Take a look:


Let’s be fair though…I can see her confusion. Take a look at who she THOUGHT she was worshiping–the revered St. Anthony.  (Note: It helps if you squint really hard.)


Well I mean…he’s definitely got the brown robe…other than that I’m not really seeing the connection. Elrond certainly has him beat in the hair department. Nevertheless I’m glad the elven king could serve as a stand in for Abuela Brandão’s fervent requests to heaven. I’m sure St. Anthony heard her anyhow.

This isn’t the first time that this has happened. Twitter user, @LucyBelleH tweeted a picture of Obi-Jesus on her mom’s mantelpiece,


I’m sure Ewan McGregor is honored but last time I checked, Obi-Wan is not capable of saving souls. Look at his face though, certainly someone that I would put my faith in!

In times like these with 2016 behind us it’s good to know that there are people everywhere that can bring us solace and comfort–even if they’re not who we think. The Bible talks about sending angels to walk among us in human form–maybe Hugo and Ewan have a higher purpose on this earth and for that we can all be very thankful.

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