New Star Wars Title Revealed: Who is The Last Jedi?

It’s official! The next installment in the Star Wars Skywalker saga is entitled Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi  which is directed by Rian Johnson and will be released this December. The news was released this morning after a lot of speculation as far as origins, plot sequence, and revelations involving all characters old and new. Judging from the big reveal there are several observations I’ve made. However let’s address the biggest question at hand…

Who is The Last Jedi?

The most obvious question that everyone is asking is who is the last Jedi as mentioned in the title? Believe it or not, I’m under the persuasion that it could be several different characters, starting with the most obvious assumption.

Luke Skywalker

Everyone’s first thought is that it’s  Luke Skywalker. The Force Awakens ends with Rey handing Luke his first lightsaber that Maz Katana somehow some way retrieved from the depths of Cloud City so it seems fitting that the next installment would pick up with Luke at the helm of the story line. As far as formally trained Jedi go, Luke is currently the last remaining Jedi and being that the plot of The Force Awakens was centered around the search for Luke this seems to be the most plausible explanation. But it’s definitely not the only one…


The next most plausible explanation is that it’s Rey. Rey is clearly the central character in the the new trilogy with the two primary questions revolving around her being her origin and her unexplained aptitude to the Force. There’s PLENTY of theories revolving around her origin, most of which you’ve probably already heard so we won’t spend too much time on them. Nonetheless we can assume that Rey’s training will begin under Luke Skywalker and that she will progress in power and knowledge under his tutelage. We don’t know how long Luke will be on the scene so it’s possible that he dies in this movie before he can finish his training with Rey (similar to how Luke’s training was cut short with Yoda when he departed for Cloud City). In fact, I think it’s very likely that Luke dies in the movie. Should Luke depart through death (possibly in a showdown with Kylo Ren) or other means Rey would be the last remaining Jedi, kicking off a new era that, let’s face it, is coming down the pipe sooner or later.

Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren’s destiny is very much in the air at the moment. He should not be lumped into the typical villain category by any means. He’s conflicted, rash, introspective, and self-centered which explains his propensity towards the Dark Side. However if there’s any theme that Star Wars hails over others its the theme of redemption. Remember the plot surrounding Vader was the hope that Anakin Skywalker was not dead and that the good in him would shine through when it mattered most. It’s quite possible that Kylo Ren could be heading down the same path of redemption and that he will repent from destructive ways overcome with guilt from the murder of his father. We know he was trained by Luke Skywalker as the first class of a new generation of Jedi but was seduced by Snoke. It’s possible that he rebels against Snoke’s teaching and returns to his original calling, to be the last remaining Jedi.

There’s another reason why I believe it could be Kylo Ren. Traditionally the Star Wars titles have always been in yellow colored lettering.


However in this poster the lettering is in red.


Why red?  We know red is the color of the Sith’s lightsabers–is there a hidden message in the title itself that the Last Jedi could be a former Dark Side wielder? If so it would make sense that Kylo Ren be the top candidate. However we are also forgetting another option as well….

The Knights Of Ren

This may be a stretch especially since we don’t know who the Knights of Ren really are or where they come from. I believe they are all former students of Luke that Kylo Ren led in a rebellion against his former master–similar to the story in the Bible where Lucifer (Satan) persuaded 1/3 of the heavenly host to turn their backs on God.  We have a pretty good indication that Kylo is their leader given that their brotherhood bears his title–Ren so I think that the theory that The Knights of Ren are all ex-Jedi is more than possible. That being said, it’s important to note that “Jedi” is an irregular plural–in other words it is a word that sounds the same regardless whether we are referring to a singular or plural noun. For example Obi-Wan-Kenobi is a Jedi who belongs to the Jedi Order. Therefore we should not assume that The Last Jedi refers to just one individual. It very well could refer to several.


Those are my primary theories as to who  “The Last Jedi” is. There are some other possibilities such as the force sensitive General Leia Organa or Finn but those are pretty big stretches since Disney has already stated that they will not be digitally recreating the late Carrie Fisher in their films and since Finn really has not shown any sort of Force aptitude as of yet. But then again we’re just theorizing here. And when we’re theorizing about Star Wars just about anything is possible!

Who do you think the Last Jedi is? Let us know in the comments!



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