“Logan” Review: No Spoilers

First Thoughts

Superhero movies are not my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching them to some extent. It’s entertaining to watch big brawlers in flashy costumes whiz and zoom across the scene delivering skull crushing punches to all the beasts, monsters, and robots the pit of hell can muster, but as far as value goes the buck always seems to stop there. Very few comic book films have the conviction, struggle, and power to make it into my heart–primarily because there’s always that barrier of separation that hampers my ability to relate to a guy in a red and blue leotard that has no weaknesses and kicks butt all day long.

Logan tears down those barriers.

Spoiler Free Synopsis

The film, directed by James Mangold, is brutally violent, insanely gritty, beautifully shot, well scripted, and phenomenally executed. Set in 2029 it follows an aging and bitter Wolverine who lives in the backside of the desert with Professor Charles Xavier, a man with the world’s most powerful mind who is suffering from a degenerative brain disease, as well as Calaban, an albino mutant who excels at tracking through his sense of smell. As far as they know they are the only mutants still alive and Logan has fallen into a mindset of grief, listlessness, and self depreciation as he struggles to find his meaning in a meaningless world. However a call to action soon reaches him as a young girl with a mysterious past enters his world and leads him down a road of understanding, introspection, and the ultimate struggle of his entire lifetime.

My Thoughts

Logan will forever stand out as the one of the most powerful and convicting comic book films to ever grace the screen. I hesitate in labeling it as a superhero movie because  its power lies in a source that is purely human despite the superhuman stereotypes that define the genre. It’s raw grit that doesn’t need saving. All it needs is the triumph of the human spirit and the will to carry that spirit through bondage, suffering, and the inner voices that scream within us every single day. The final chapter of the Wolverine saga gave the loyal fans of the franchise the film they deserved–a true to life heartfelt look at one of the most conflicted heroes in all comic book lore–a poignant story that speaks volumes about the values of sacrifice, commitment, true grit and overcoming one’s personal demons to see through a legacy that will carry on through the hearts and minds of future generations. The unlikely trio of two old friends in their final years with a young girl just beginning her journey is a poetic triumph of development and makes for some truly touching moments throughout. It is truly a different film for a different time and shatters all expectations. Here we have a comic book movie that transcends capes, otherworldly universes, and  the grand scale of fantastical impossibility and instead have a work of passion that will punch you in the gut to see if you still feel.


Couple of warnings about the film just as some precautions to take–you should not take your kids to see this film. One would think the R rating would be enough to express that but some parents will shrug and do it anyway. Don’t. Logan is incredibly violent. We’re talking Hacksaw Ridge violent–possibly more. Bodies get hacked, clawed (obviously) decapitated, mangled, and blown away with all sorts of weapons and powers. It’s a literal bloodbath that doesn’t quit. You think you’ve seen the extent and then it blows you away again with its graphic content. It doesn’t seemed forced or excessive however–rather the brutality of it contributes to the reality of the cruelty of the world presented in the film. Logan is pain and we feel it. There’s also a lot of strong language–which if you know anything about Wolverine you should have expected it. But just so you know there much more language than there is present in most comic book films. There is also a brief scene of female nudity to watch out for as well.

Final Thoughts

The final chapter of the Wolverine saga is a must see for fans of the genre and cinema lovers in general. It’s just as powerful and convicting as the trailers suggest and will pull your heartstrings and make you fall in love with one of the roughest characters in comic book lore. Hugh Jackman is in all his glory, Patrick Stewart is just as brilliant as ever, and Dafne Keen who plays the little girl, Laura, is an amazing young actress. I don’t know where they found her but she’s just incredible. You’ll greatly enjoy her performance. Watch Logan, be entertained, and know that you’re also embarking on a journey that despite it’s superhuman parameters is strangely and amazingly human.

Daily Diatribe Rating: 9/10

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