“Get Out” Review No Spoilers

When it comes to horror movies I rarely leave impressed. Most contain weak-sauce plots, cheap thrills, lack of character development, and little value whatsoever. There’s a few horror films that I’ve been able to give the certified thumbs up to such as Sinister and The Babadook but for the most part I generally find myself turning my nose up to horror film with the justification being that watching a film with little substance merely for the opportunity to jump a few times is not what I would call the staple of a movie going experience. However, when I saw that “Get Out” directed by up and coming director, Jordan Peele had a perfect 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, the most ornery T.V. and movie rating site on the interweb,  I knew that this was a film I could not ignore especially since I was daily bombarded by its advertisements on YouTube. In fact I was so miffed by the saturation of it all over my feed that I begrudgingly went to see it with the nagging question on my mind: how on earth does a horror film, the substandard and menial of all the cinematic genres  achieve such an achievement? Well–I saw the film and I can confirm the hype. Here we break it down.

Spoiler Free Synopsis

Chris and his girlfriend Rose are getting ready for a weekend getaway upstate to meet Rose’s parents who are welcoming and hospitable upon arrival. The fear that Chris had that Rose’s parents would disapprove of their interracial relationship slowly begins to fade. However when strange occurrences begin to take place on the property including introductions to some off-base servants and party guests, Chris’s fears begin to culminate into a conclusion that he could have never anticipated.

My thoughts

Get Out has truly defied that natural and anticipated constraints of the horror genre and provides a unique and characteristically original look at social issues through its presentation which is as thought provoking as it thrilling. The way that Peele accomplishes this is through the unexpected utilization of humor. Get Out is hilarious–something you would not expect from a horror film. The script lends itself to all sorts of wit and laughable content including situational irony and just plain old slapstick. Surprisingly the humor is not contrived but weaves its way naturally into the plot while still maintaining that feeling of angst and anticipation one gets from horror films. It’s truly a masterful blend that will have you chuckling at one moment and fidgeting at the next. I think that’s what truly sets it apart from other horror films and earned it the 100% that it got. It was such an impressive feat to develop a horror film that had some intrinsic value that perhaps that was what elevated it to the top. Whatever the reasoning may had been it is a bold film that deserves your consideration if for no other reason that to see what is possible when horror becomes smart and witty while uncompromising in structure or convention.


Daily Diatribe Rating: 8.5/10 (Does this mean I’m stricter than Rotten Tomatoes?)


  1. Thanks for the review. I’ve been hesitantly interested in checking this one out. If you’re looking for another well-crafted horror film to join the ranks of Sinister and The Babadook, check out It Follows. It’s really good and, in my opinion, expertly paced, greatly effective, and interesting in its allegorical examination of a certain area of social issues and perspectives.

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