There’s been a lot of controversy the past couple of weeks over the claims that the Trump transition team was wiretapped by the Obama administration which in turn put forth claims that the Trump team had nefarious dealings with Russia. The media jumped all over it like flies on feces and yesterday we finally got an answer (sort of) to the overturned apple cart of accusations.

House Intelligence Chairman David Nunes confirmed on Wednesday that US intelligence agencies have collected ‘incidental’ communications from the Trump camp during surveillance operations of foreign entities, Fox News reports. Now let’s break that down because the true meaning of the translation could be lost here.

According to Nunes the “intel community” reviewed dozens of reports on President Trump which were “widely disseminated”. It’s important to know that this occurred while President Obama was still in office. The term ‘incidentally’ does not change the fact that his wires were tapped and then disseminated and leaked (including classified information) to the ravenous media. How do you incidentally do all that? Where was Trump’s transition team? In Trump’s private property of Trump tower. How do you get away from the fact that he was indeed surveilled, bugged, wiretapped–whatever you want to call it? Not to mention the fact that these “intel communities” also leaked loads of information such as his plans for the next 100 days of leadership and even communications between his own family. This type of spying is illegal and unwarranted. It is easily comparable to Watergate where the entire plan behind the break-in was to bug the DNC headquarters to get info on the parties’ dealings. Nixon was impeached for that scandal. Obama is getting away with it.

We’ll see how the story continues to develop within the next couple of days. But for now it appears that Trump once again is vindicated in his claims and that the media has once again failed to topple him, their most recent failure being the release of his tax forms where it was proven that he payed more than his fair share. Once again the truth has been unraveled about the Obama administration and the dirty dealings of the Democratic Party. Thanks to the media, however, most people will gladly turn a blind eye.