Baby Driver Review: No Spoilers

Greetings, Diatribe tribe!

It’s definitely been a while since I’ve posted and the best excuse I have for you is that I’ve been really busy. That being said, the last movie I’ve seen in the theaters other than the one I’m reviewing tonight was The Mummy and honestly I just could not bring myself to review that one…

Yes it was that bad.

But let’s dive into Baby Driver, a film that got some moderate coverage in promotion outlets and was nestled nicely in between anticipated hits such as Wonder Woman and Spider-man homecoming. However if you’re not careful you could miss one of the most entertaining and fresh films of this summer.

Baby Driver follows the story of “Baby” a young man who lets driving do most of his talking as he serves as the getaway driver on various jobs for the crime boss known as “Doc” played by Kevin Spacey in order to repay an old debt. After meeting a waitress that changes his perspective “Baby” must decide on which path to take and lay it all on where the rubber meets the road.

Baby Driver is a fast paced action drama with all the cars, guns, stakes and thrills that exist in its genre without a compromise in style, plot, and pacing. With flashy cinemetography, a fire soundtrack, witty hunor and colorful characters, Baby Driver offers a simple yet surprisingly fascinating spin on the high stakes driving dramas like Fast and Furious with an emphasis on the ensemble crime thrillers that made Tarantino famous. With renowned talent such as Spacey, Jamie Foxx and Jon Hamm leading the way coupled with new faces such as Ansel Elgort and Lily James who make great leads, the film moves confidently without hesitation or too much exposition. The plot while simple, is reminiscent of the “bad boy gone good” type dramas of the 50’s and 70’s and the characters are just as appealing and fun to watch.

The soundtrack for the film as mentioned is quite good. Not Guardians of the Galaxy good, mind you, but still well chosen and unites the classics of days gone by with some recognized hits of today’s era. It’ll have your foot tapping the whole time.


The only main con I can think of is that sometimes the suspension of disbelief is just a little too much in some cases. I get that it’s just a movie and a flashy action movie at that but there are some lapses in logic that will either have you rolling your eyes or scratching your head. The movie doesn’t really take itself too seriously though so you shouldn’t either.

Final Thoughts

I had a good time with this movie. One of the reasons I found it so entertaining is because it mixed several elements that I enjoy in action movies such as the Tarantino-esque characters, the smart dialogue, and the emphasis on the fugitive driven chase rather than endless gun-fights. It had a nice balance of modern cinematography and old-school bravado and that makes a respectable addition to the summer showcase. Overall a fresh and entertaining flick that you’d be hard pressed not to enjoy.


Daily Diatrbie Rating: 8.5

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