Monsters Flying Everywhere: The Apocalypse is Nigh…

With a busy weekend behind us, there has been a great deal of news pieces in the rubble left by the chaos of weather, angry Irishmen, and monster movies. Check out my latest podcast to get all the details!

Of course if you don’t have time to listen to the podcast you’re more than welcome to read the highlights here:

–Hurricane Irma devastated the southern and western coast of Florida, particularly Naples and Miami. Widespread destruction was left in the wake of this monster storm as videographed by ABC news. Continue to send prayers and support to these parts of the state as the hurricane continues to make its way north.

–Stephen King’s monster movie IT smashed the box office this weekend, breaking the record for the largest opening weekend for an R rated film, raking in 117.2 million and surpassing several other box office milestones.

–Conor McGregor is facing a lawsuit after a security guard was hit in the back of the head with a can of monster energy drink hurled by the UFC fighter. The guard, William Pegg, is asking for $90,000 dollars to cover damages, despite his medical treatment only costing $5,000. Where does he come up with the extra $85,000? Check out the podcast to see how he crunched his numbers. Warning: It’s pretty ridiculous.

–Today marks the 16 year anniversary of 9/11 where we remember the fateful day where the terrorist monsters flew jetliners into the World Trade Centers in an attempt to spread mass fear, violence, and war-mongering through the country. The way the US united in the aftermath, however, was an electrifying testament to the foundational principles upon which this country was birthed. The tragedies that have effected our country in the form of hurricanes Irma and Harvey have proven that Americans can unite despite their differences in times of great loss and 9/11 further attests to that fact. It’s time that we not forget where we’ve been so that we can move forward into the future.

And that does it for the news over the weekend. Thank you for reading and for checking out the podcast! Stay safe out there people! The monsters are about!

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