Woman Shoots 17 Year Old Burgler As He Escapes Her Home–Family is Enraged.

Last year, in March 2016, a Florida woman in Miami shot and killed 17 year old Trevon Johnson as he exited her home window after attempting to burglarize it. The woman, who was alerted by her home security system rushed home to find Trevon exiting outside her window. Detectives say there was a confrontation and that the woman fired one shot. Johnson was declared dead on scene.

Trevon’s family was enraged–saying the woman had no right to shoot their relative no matter what laws or rights protected her. What she did was “way beyond the law.” They portray him as a good kid who was funny, had long term goals, and loved education. They say it’s unfair that he had to die this way with a bright future ahead of him. Why did she kill him after calling the police? Wasn’t she supposed to let them handle it? How far do her rights really go?

Check out this latest episode of the Daily Diatribe Podcast as we break down the situation, offer some in-depth analysis, and educate listeners on the laws in Florida and what they really mean. Give the podcast a listen and let us know what you think.

By the way you might ask–why are you covering this story so late? Because I’m predicting with all the looting that’s going on after the storm that someone’s probably going to get shot. It’s important that we don’t lose our heads and that we remember our rights, our laws, and our duties as citizens of the United States.

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