Thor: Ragnarok Full Review–No Spoilers

Good evening diatribers! Tonight we delve into the anticipated Marvel release, Thor: Ragnarok the first feature to be released after Spiderman Homecoming which in my estimation was a fairly disappointing attempt to integrate the webslinger into the MCU.

Thor: Ragnarok is even more disappointing.

The first thing that jumped out at me–even in the trailer stages is that this film is not meant to be taken seriously. With the flashy artwork, whimsical graphics, and hipster conceptual design (which works soooo well in the backdrop of a movie about ancient Norse gods, right) it was certain from the get-go that this was going to be a Guardians of the Galaxy knockoff with an abundance of comedy and campy theatrics. As promised in the trailers the campy theatrics are in your face throughout and unfortunately the comedy is as well.

This film can basically be described as a complete shill to audiences that want to turn their minds off and be inundated with obnoxious and desperate attempts to garner cheap laughs. It’s absolutely saturated with jokes and slapstick ridiculousness that are just as cringeworthy as they are intrusive. The silliness and childish bunk is so prevelant that after minutes upon hours of jokes you soon begin to get the impression that the joke is on you.

The true irony with this film is that as painstakingly laborious as the attempts to generate humor are it’s basically lazy in every other regard. The plot conventions are predictable, the characters are inconsistent in motives and development, and the portrayal of the Incredible Hulk made me wish the character had never been created in the first place. Every time he opened his mouth and spoke in his infant caveman dialogue I wanted to take a convenient bathroom break for the next half hour.

Although the film boasts great talent such as Cate Blanchett, Karl Urban, Jeff Goldblum, and of course the regular cast of the Thor trilogy they’ve all been subjected to a script that continues to dull its wit against the dead horse of overused and trite one-liners and surface characterizations. It failed in every way that Guardians of the Galaxy succeeded which is an analysis for another time…

Everything about this film is juvenile in nearly all respects. Are their some cool battle scenes and nifty special effects? Yes, of course. I won’t go as far to say that I didn’t enjoy a single iota of 130 minute screentime. There were some creative moments as well as a good deal sweet cinematography and special effects. But in reality the film is a giant mind fart that will be as memorable in your mind as the taste of your movie theater soda after all the ice has melted.

Marvel has made it pretty clear the direction their going to be going in their films–a direction that appeals to mass audiences that care more for a quick laugh and conventional cheap thrills rather than films with conviction, realism, and the qualties that make superheroes more “super” in terms other than muscles, capes, and spandex. I’ve not been impressed with superhero films at large as of late…and I really won’t be holding my breath for ones in the future.

Daily Diatribe Rating 3/10

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